Pet Professional Guild. Final Day. November 11, 2016


Todays topic was very interesting. Choice. Choice is empowering. Giving Dogs the chance to have choice. Choice to come, to stay, to leave. To be petted. To not. That is the Question. I love this.

Although I incorporate this into my classes already, I have learned new ways we can give dogs choices. In class, in home and in new environments. I am exciting for 2017, as it will be known as the year of Education. Get ready. Be excited.

Some of these dogs chose to participate in the labs today. Some chose not to. 🙂

img_5057 img_5056 img_5053

Pet Professional Guild. Day 3. November 10, 2016


Day 3. Wow I am exhausted. Yet, I go into another Seminar and hear information that hits something in my core and I perk up and become excited again! It’s a drug. Information is a drug to me. And I’m addicted.

 img_5046 img_5042  img_5040