Exercising those Canine Terrible Two’s!


Oh, the adolescent dog!

The equivalent of human teenage years, the attitude, the tantrums, the despair!

Most dogs get abandoned at shelters between the ages of 8-18 months old. Adolescent dogs want to explore their world and test their own abilities in ways you wont always like.

During this age they have a ton of energy and it needs to be met with a ton of exercise.

Most adolescent dogs might have the energy to outrun you. Canine Fitness classes not only physically tire dogs; they also mentally wear out the dogs.


A tired dog is a calm dog.

All of the Canine Fitness Classes are recommended for these rambunctious and challenging dogs.


Sign up for our $80.00 Starter Package which includes;

**Pre-Training Class**

**Private Assessment**

**5 Class Package**

$35.00 Savings


Contact us today to sign up!


(204) 990-4423


Check out our website for more information.


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