Canine Astraphobia (Fear of Thunderstorms)

As we head into summer, we know thunderstorms are heading our way. Thunderstorms help everything grow and can be beautiful to watch. However your dog may not have that same positive perspective. Did you know that 20% of dogs have a fear of thunderstorms, also known as Canine Astraphobia. It can be heart breaking to watch our dogs suffering from this. Dogs can hear, feel and smell thunderstorms way before us. That means we might need to be diligent in watching our weather radars so we know when bad weather is coming. Some dogs will seek out bathrooms with metal piping or metal tubs. The thought there being there may be astatic charge in the air that is decreased by the metal. There are tools on the market and medications that may help. Working with a Canine Behavioural Consultant and your Veterinarian can help you work with your dog ahead of time, before thunderstorm season comes. They will assist you to form protocols consisting of desensitization and behavioural modification designed specifically for you and your dog.

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