Monthly Archives: March 2016

National Puppy Day!!

March 23, 2016 is National Puppy Day!! Here are Grassroots Canine’s Top 10 Puppy Tips Supervision is Key! If you keep an eye on your puppy at all times, they have no opportunity to get into trouble! Housetraining your puppy from the beginning is so important. Take your new puppy out every 15 minutes in […]

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The “Capture the Goosebump Moments” Campaign

is proud to Announce the “Capture the Goosebumps Moments” Campaign Often with dog training we tend to focus on the bad, “My dog won’t stop jumping on me” or “My dog is driving me nuts”.¬†Our goal at Grassroots is to change that mindset. One of the reasons I became a trainer and more importantly still […]

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