At Grassroots Canine, we want to make sure dogs are being allowed to still, “BE DOGS,” while being respectful to the humans in the world they live in. We want owners to feel comfortable taking their dogs out in the real world, so they can enjoy it together.


The Human-Canine Bonding is so mutually beneficial. Dogs do so much for the human psyche and visa versa. Our goal is to serve the community by professionally promoting the relationship between canines and their families.


1. Being Accountable to the community & our clients by providing the highest standard of practise possible.

2. Providing a Holistic Approach to the Dog training, which is sensitive to the needs and preferences of each canine and family we personally see.

3. Embracing Diversity and equity in all of our policies and protocol practises.

4. Being responsive to the needs of our community whether it be training or education that is needed.

5. Maintaining a strong, collaborative and cooperative relationship with our community partners.

6. Promoting clients to not be “clients training their dogs”, but to be “clients trying to build relationships with their dogs,”  thus creating mutual respect. Only once this has been achieved can one begin to truly communicate with their canines and teach good behaviours.

7. Encouraging clients to look at dog training, not as being the “the dogs owner”, but rather as “BEING THEIR DOGS CHAMPION”.  The concept of “what is best for the dog” and the concept of asking the dog at the end of the training session, “How was that for you”?

8. Continue to challenge, review, evaluate and change our policies and procedures as seen needed.

9. Refer clients when “trainer” feels outside his/her scope of practise.

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