Shalin Hustad

Photo Courtesy of Rhiannon

Shalin grew up on numerous farms throughout her childhood. Cattle farms, sheep farms, horse farms, etc. The one common denominator? There were always dogs. Shalin spent all her spare time with dogs walking them, interacting with them and trying to boss them around. At age four, Shalin was mauled by a dog. Since that moment she had a magnetic draw towards the canine species. Dedicating her time to find out what makes them “tick”. Though out her teens, she involved herself heavily into dog training and dog agility. It wasn’t until she got first dog with her husband that her passion evolved. She started volunteering through Woofs n Wags and hasn’t looked back since. Currently Shalin lives outside Winnipeg in the country with her husband and their four dogs, Gwen (Labrador X), Phillip (Hairless Chinese Crested), Kelly (Hairless Chinese Crested) and Lulu (Yorkie X). It is here she continues to hone the craft of connecting with her dogs and other peoples dogs.

Shalins’ Professional Developments 



Pet Professional Guild November 2016


  • November 8, 2016
  • Opening Address, Niki Tudge
  • Key Note Address. Current Trends. Beyond Dominance & Discipline, Karen Overall


  • Creating a Fear Free Environment for Pets, Marty Becker
  • Evolving Challenges for the Positive Reinforcement Trainer in the Modern World, Ken Ramirez
  • A Protocol for Helping Dogs with Stranger Fear: Can the Recent Scientific Finding in Dogs Behaviour Suggest Ways to Accelerate this Process?, Janis Bradley
  • Canine & Feline Aggresion Panel Discussion, Chirag Patel, Pat Miller, Pamela Dennison, Ken Ramirez, Angelic Steinker, Jane Ehrlich


  • November 9, 2016
  • Behaviour Science Beyond the Quadrant And Learning Theory, Chirag Patelimg_5015






  • By the Case. Come see what a Behaviourists’ caseload is like and where you can fit in the overall treatment of referred cases. Both dog and cat cases will be presented, Dr Soraya Juarbe-Diaz
  • A Clicker Trained Retrieve, Michele Pouliot


  • Refining Your Training Skills, Emily Larlham

img_5031 img_5023

  • November 10, 2016
  • Chaos to Calm in the Classroom, Yvette Van Veen
  • Teach the Leash, Pamela Dennison


  • Flipping the Emotional Flexibility Switch. TTouch, Pam Wanveer


  • November 11, 2016
  • Creative Targeting, Emily Larlham
  • Consent & Preference Testing in Behaviour Testing, Angelica Steinker
  • Pet Professional Guild, The Past, Present, Future


APDT Conference, Las Vegas Nevado, October 2016


  • Opening Keynote, Sara Carson


  • Creating a Canine Adventure Course. A Novel Way to Play. Laura Ryder


  • The Pet Dog- Is he Going Extinct. Sue Sternberg & John Rogerson


  • Social Learning in Dogs. Do as I Do for Beginners. Claudia Fugazza.


  • Canine Education in China-Miya Guo & John Rogerson


  • Animal Behaviour. Making (And Breaking) the Human-Canine Bond- Melissa Bain
  • Building Better Marketing Projects- Gina Phairas


  • When Training the dog isn’t enough. What Families need to know.- Leah Hatley & Justine Shurman


  • The Art of Loose Leash Walking Josh Pitts


  • Un-Chase. -Alexis Davisonimg_4678
  • Inside your Dogs Mind- Victoria Stillwellimg_4679
  • More than you ever wanted to Know about Dog Urination-Sue Sternbergimg_4714
  • The Ultimate Recall-John Rogerson
  • The Lost Art of Dog Training- John Rogerson


  • Go Fish Workshop- Laura Torelli

img_4722 img_4724

  • Positive Training with High Drive Working Dogs- Victoria Stillwell


Animal CPR & First Aid,Zoe Surgeoner.  January 2016

Annual APDT Conference, Dallas, Texas, October 2015
Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 8.26.07 PM

  • Helping our Canine Friends by Helping Ourselves with Science-Stephen Ledoux


  • Beware the Straw Man: Fact, Fiction & Science in he Dog Training World- Linda Case


  • Tricked in Fitness-Cynthia Otto


  • Troubleshooting Aggression, Anxiety with Socks, Handkerchiefs & Lunch Sacs-Lisa McCluskey

IMG_1378 IMG_1381

  • Starting a Summer Camp for Kids with Dogs-Diana & Trevor Smith
  • From Training to Daycare. How to open and operate your own multi-use facility for Daycare, Training, Grooming & Retail Sales-Tristan Flynn
  • Complex Science, History, Training of Detection Dogs-Cat Warren


  • 9 Steps to Building your Training Business-Sean Verne
  • Aggression & Anxiety Challenges with the Retrieve- Lisa McCluskey
  • Deciphering Canine Aggression and Anxiety Issues with the Recall- Lisa McCluskey
  • The Remarkable Capabilities & Real Limits of the Canine Nose- Cat Warren
  • Animal Training my Way. The Merging of Ethology & Behaviourism- Roger Abrantes


Canine Collaboration Club Event: Tantrums, Hyperactivity & Hyperkinesis


  • Presenter & Round Table Facilitator

Canicross Consultation April 2015

  • Kevin Roberts-Oxford Dogs

Animal CPR, January 2015

K9 Fit Club Certification December 2014 

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 7.41.07 AM


Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 7.40.59 AM

APDT Conference, Hartford, Connecticut, October 2014

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 9.36.31 AM


IMG_2973Shalin & Patricia McConnell

IMG_2396Shalin & Ian Dunbar


  • People, Dogs & Psychological Trauma-Patricia McConnell

IMG_2972Patricia McConnell

  • Canine Evolution-Ray Coppinger
  • Do you see what I see? Medical Problems Masquerading Behavioral Problems-Christopher Pachel
  • Trauma & Fear-Patricia McConnell, Rise Van Fleet, Gail Fischer, Janis Bradley
  • Staying Safe in Aggression Cases-Michael Shikashio

IMG_2984Michael Shikashio

  • Using Behavioral Science to help dogs in Difficult Situations-Clive Wynne

IMG_2986Clive Wynne

  • The Behavioral Ecology of Dogs-Ray Coppinger

IMG_3015Ray Coppinger

  • An Operant Treatment for Separation-Related Problem Behaviors-Erica Feuerbacher
  • Dog Food Logic: Learning to make smart Feeding Choice for Dogs-Linda Case
  • Canine Social & Psychological Development-Gail Fischer
  • Canine Athlete or Canine Couch Potato? Feeding to meet their Exercise needs-Linda Case
  • Talkers & Barkers, Lungers & Disrupters, managing the humans and dogs in group classes-Emma Parsons, Robin Bennett, Susan Briggs, Gail Fischer
  • Dog training: From where are came from to where we are going-Ken McCort

IMG_3036In Audience with Emma Parsons & Ray Coppinger

Canine Collaboration Club Event: Spatial Fear & Thunderstorm Fear (AstraPhobia)


  • Presenter & Round Table Facilitator

Brenda Aloff Academy : The Brenda Aloff Connection March 2014-October 2014

  • 8 Modules: Let the Learning Begin, Concentration: The backstory of Impulse Control, Im Down with that, Its about delegation, Challenges and new beginnings, Graduation.

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 9.42.29 AM

Canine Nutrition Part 1 April- May 2014 via Dr. Ava Frick

  • Topics includes; Basics of Whole food nutrition, Genetic effects on nutrition, whole food vitamin complexes, feeding the omnivorous canine, processed diets and reading labels, raw and home cooked diets, whole food supplements, picking a supplement company and assessing the nutritional health status of a dog. This course was offered through via Dr. Ava Frick.

APDT Conference, Spokane Washington October 2013

  • Tales from the field: Ken Raminez 1.25hrs: Value of having philosophy upon which you can make decisions, hone how to hone skills by balancing theory and application and assess how and why to diversify skills beyond just training.
  • Developing Alternative Motivators: Denise Fenzi 1hr: Analyze how a dog senses impact play, develop game options for different dogs and differentiate dogs’ positive or negative responses to our efforts.
  • A new day for crate training: Casey Newton 0.75hr
  • Challenges of being a Consultant: Ken Raminez 1hr: Analyze about the value of people and business skills to becoming a successful trainer and develop skills in human communication teaching and business.
  • Case Studies: Prey Drive: Ken McCort 1h
  • Case Studies: Separation Anxiety: Malena DeMatini-Price 1hr
  • Case Studies: Human Directed aggression: Colleen Pellar 1hr
  • Supporting the family dog: Kate Anders 0.75hr
  • Poultry in Motion for Beginners: Terry Ryan 4hrs: Develop and finely tune clicking (or marking) skills, Identify the value and power of reward based training, and verify the value and power of for the human-animal bond.


  • How to use BAT in a Growly class: Grisha Stewart 1.5hrs
  • How to do behavior adjustment training in a group setting, run a safe effective class to rehabilitate (over) reactivity to other dogs and provide support to students.
  • Outdoor Adventure Xtreme: Lauren Fox 1.5hrs: How to develop a new and creative idea to either incorporate into your current “outdoor adventure” program, evaluate the pros and cons of and the considerations for each advanced outdoor adventure type class an the criteria necessary for picking locations for each type of class.
  • Canine Neuroscience 1.5hrs: Understand the nature of neuroscience and its scope as well as limitation in the context of applied animal behavior, understand how neuroscience can “ground” what we know about behavior, understand how knowledge of behavior can help decipher how the brain works, for example observing and studying behavior patterns.
  • “I don’t want a treat”: Irith Bloom 1.5hrs: Identify humane applications of negative reinforcement, distinguish situations in which humane negative reinforcements may be effective and assess which humane negative reinforcement technique are likely to yield the best results.
  • Incorporating C.L.A.S.S. into your training curriculum 1.5hrs: Evaluate how APDT CLASS fits in with a pet dog training curriculum, identify how to market your programs inclusion of APDT CLASS as a benefit over non-CLASS offering to prospective clients and veterinarians.
  • Shut up Already! Dealing with Barking 1.5hrs: Define the most common categories of barking, assess why a dog is barking and improve client compliance.
  • Loose Leash Walking 3hrs: Observe fast, reliable techniques for teaching dogs to walk nicely on leash demonstrated by the instructor and by other attendees, analyze why and how yo-yo dogs are created and develop skills with live dogs.

Animal CPR: Zoe Surgeoner 2012

Shy Dogs, Dominance, Body language, Aggression: Joan Weston April 2012

  • This seminar was offered by Joan, Weston in Winnipeg, Manitoba and was a total of 15hrs.

Unleash your pack power tour: Cesar Millan November 2010

Brenda Aloff Seminar: Brenda Aloff December 2008

  • Topics included getting connected with your dog, dog body language, positive reinforcement and aggressive dogs. This seminar was offered in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Was a total of 16hrs.

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