Zoe Surgeoner

Zoe Surgeoner

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Zoe has been working as a Registered Animal Health Technologist since 1994. In her many years, she has experience in small animal, large animal and emergency medicine, as well as some volunteering in wildlife centres.

Zoe began teaching CPR and Pet First Aid with St. John ambulance, and was one of the many voices during the initial set up of their animal program. However, she soon realized that a true hands-on experience for owners would be invaluable to their situations, and so set up her own program, involving both lecture and hands on; she brings her own dogs for examples (they love it!). Zoe also wrote a user friendly manual to go with the course, so that owners have something available to them, which is easy to use during an emergency situation.

Zoe currently lives in Winnipeg with her 7 favorite creatures, including her husband, 2 teenage kids, 3 dogs and a large cat! Although not currently working in a veterinary clinic at this moment, she is active in the Veterinary community, as part of the Animal Health Technologist association board, and helping out with the new CaniCross program through Grassroots Canine Training. She loves this new association with Grassroots and looks forward to helping owners through education!

We are SO Excited to have her!!!

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