Part 2 Learning to Share & Handle Distractions

Does your Dog;

  • Not know how to calm down or relax?
  • Chew things they are not suppose to?
  • Destroy your furniture?
  • Scratch at Doors?
  • Not release toys or things in their mouth?
  • Pull on the leash repeatedly?
  • Freak out when the doorbell rings or someone knocks?
  • Not know how to SIT or DOWN STAY?
  • Guard items such as toys or items?
  • Guard areas where they are sleeping on?
  • Not know how to play Tug-O-War?
  • Not let you open and inspect their mouth?
  • Not check in with you?

Week Duration:

  • 6 weeks 
  • If this is your first time attending one of the classes, NO DOG for the first class.
  • If you have attended classes before you have the option of bringing your dog or not attending the first class.


  • $110.00 plus tax ($115.50) or All 4 Levels for $333.00 plus tax ($350.00)

# of Dogs:

  • 5-6 Dogs Max

Available Classes: 

Next Class Starts on 

  • TBA

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