Canicross Gear

Trekking Package
Oxford Dogs is pleased to offer the Howling Dog Alaska Trekking Package ($120), a great hands free option for people to get out and have fun with their dogs!  At the human end, the package includes a sturdy belt. It’s a one size-fits-all, fully adjustable belt.  With a zippered pocket in the back to keep keys and a handy pouch to hold a water bottle (or poop bag)!  This is a very wide, supportive belt. Ideal for people with back problems, or people who don’t want problems.
We offer two choices for lines.  Both are made out of 1 inch tubal webbing, with an internal artic grade bungee.  Our bungee will help to absorb shocks from you and your dog!   Our longer line is about 8 ft. (9 ft. long with the bungee extended to the full length). Our shorter line is about 5/12 feet long (6 feet with the bungee extended to the full length).   The longer line attached to the belt with a brass snap, and the shorter lines attached with a carabineer.
When you are canicrossing, you need your dog to be comfortable, and safe while puilling.  For most dogs, we recommend the well padded Distance Harness. Our Distance Harness is the most popular harness we sell!  It is ideal for canicross due to the steeper angle  between the dog and the runner, than compared to the line angle between a dog team and a sled, which has a lower point of attachment. When a line is connected to a typical X-back harness, the steeper angle will often cause a lifting force on the harness. The design of our Distance Harness takes in consideration the steeper line angle and while using this harness, the dog’s pull force becomes more evenly distributed.  As the harness sits only about 1/3 of the way down the dog’s body, it also eliminates the pressure on the dog’s hips.  We carry harnesses to fit dogs from about 30 pounds and up!
For proper harness fit measure the dog’s neck circumference half way between the usual collar position and shoulder blades. Not sure about size? Go by the weight of your dog.
•XS 17 inches (30 – 39 lbs)
•S 18-19 inches (40 – 49 lbs)
•M 20 inches (50 – 59 lbs)
•L 21-22 inches (60 – 69 lbs)
•XL 23-24 inches (70 – 79 lbs)
•XXL 25 inches (80 – 99 lbs)
•XXXL 26 inches (100+ lbs)
Proper harness fit is vital!  We are happy to schedule an appointment at our home in Winnipeg, to measure your dog properly.
CLICK HERE for a Link to the Equipment Website.

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