How to Remove Barking from your Dogs Vocabulary

Barking Sucks! There, we said it. After a long hard day at work, we come home and our dog barking increases our stress levels. There is hope though. By increasing your dogs physical exercise, adding in mental exercise, teaching calm in your dog and giving your dog an alternative behaviour to barking is all part of the solution to removing unnecessary barking from your dogs vocabulary. 

Increase Dogs Physical Exercise: Nowadays most dogs are spending their days inside, bored and full of unburned energy. Physically, you need to figure out how to burn up your dogs energy. A tired dog is a dog who is too exhausted to lift their head when someone walks past the house. In other-wards a tired dog is a dog who is too tired to bark.

Ideas for physical exercise could be to increase your dogs walking length and frequency. “But my walks are chaotic and stressful”.  Taking a class might help you to achieve a nice calm walk. Taking on a dog sport like Canicross might also help burn off the energy of the young healthy dog. 

Adding in Mental Exercise: Physical exercise is good. But did you know that mental exercise is even BETTER. Learning how to exercise your dogs brain power through nose work, making them think and solve puzzles and playing with them will not only help you and your dog bond, it will exhaust them faster. Classes can help you learn how to do the above. 

Teaching Calm in your Dog: You’ve probably already figured out that yelling “QUIET” doesn’t accomplish much, even if you manage to intimidate your dog into being quiet in that moment. However as soon as someone passes by your big bay window, the annoying barking starts right up again. Whats happening is you are actually escalating the problem. Your dogs agitation is enhanced by your agitation and then your dogs agitation is enhancing your agitation and on and on. It’s a vicious cycle.

Anytime your dog is more amped up than you would like, you need to replace your agitation with calm, cool and collective speech. Stay calm, talk softly. And in turn we need to teach your dog to calm down as well. Your calm enhances your dogs calm and your dogs calm enhances your calm. See how relaxed this lovely cycle already feels?

So when it comes down to it, do you want agitation or calmness in your home? Its an easy answer. Calm. If you’re not sure how to accomplish this taking classes is Key. 


Teaching an Alternative Behaviour to Barking: So you’ve taught your dog to start barking, but what would you like to teach your dog to do instead? Would you like them to look at you? Would you like your dog to SIT? Would you like them to go to a certain area of the home instead? Once you figure out what the alternative behaviour should be then now you’ve got to train it. Not sure how to do that? 

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