Canine Collaboration Club Event

Our first Canine Collaboration Club Event on October 5, 2014 was such a positive experience. We were a sold out event and had people calling last minute hoping to attend.


Our topic was Canine Spatial Fear & Astraphobia (Fear of thunderstorms). Presenters were Shalin Hustad from Grassroots Canine & Nikki Sherwin from Woofs n Wags.

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Round Table Discussions were very constructive and collaborative. Thank you to everyone who participated!


We are looking forward to our next event on April 19, 2015. The topic will be Hyperactivity & Tantrums. Our Canine Collaboration Club is designed for collueqes who work with dogs on a regular basis. Call (204) 255-9247.

Do you see what I see?


What a dog sees versus what humans see is very different!

A dogs vision is typically 20/75, where as a human would have 20/20.

Dogs need to get much closer to things in order to see them better.

Dogs have better night vision than humans do.

Dogs lower their head when in stalking things because it allows them to see more of the area.

Dogs see a lot more detail in an environment than humans would.



These are just some of the things we discuss in our Dog Body Language Seminar. Learn how to decipher the difference between your dog being stressed out and when they are calm. Learning to read your dog is a labor of love.

Next seminar is February 22, 2015 from 6-8pm. Cost is $25.00.

Be your Dogs’ Champion!

Are you finding your dog is having trouble coping in the real world? Are they fearful of strangers? Do they get so excited they don’t know how to calm themselves down? Be your Dogs’ Champion and help them learn how to act, teach them what is ok and what is not ok. Learn how to help them cope, one consult at a time. At Grassroots Canine we want to help you be your Dogs’ Champion. And in return you might end up learning more from your furry counterparts.

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Coming August 2014!

Grassroots Canine is proud to announce that we will be accepting Clients August 2014. Stay Tuned.

Winnipeg Police Canine Judge retires

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I saw an article today about the Winnipeg Police Canine, Judge who officially retired today. I couldn’t help but think of my own dog Chief, who is a Belgian Malnois X. Chief is around 9 years old and is starting to show his age as well. He was the reason I got into dog training. Chief came with issues of reactivity on leash. I felt helpless trying to walk him. I sourced out any information I could find on leash aggression. Slowly over the years with a few setups we can now successfully walk out in the world together, working as a team rather than fighting with each other. He has taught me so much and the reason why I am the trainer I am today. Thanks Chief for forcing me to   “women” up and work towards a team attitude than an owner attitude when it comes to working with dogs.

See the link for the article.

Veteran Winnipeg police dog retires