Pet Professional Guild. Final Day. November 11, 2016


Todays topic was very interesting. Choice. Choice is empowering. Giving Dogs the chance to have choice. Choice to come, to stay, to leave. To be petted. To not. That is the Question. I love this.

Although I incorporate this into my classes already, I have learned new ways we can give dogs choices. In class, in home and in new environments. I am exciting for 2017, as it will be known as the year of Education. Get ready. Be excited.

Some of these dogs chose to participate in the labs today. Some chose not to. 🙂

img_5057 img_5056 img_5053

Pet Professional Guild. Day 3. November 10, 2016


Day 3. Wow I am exhausted. Yet, I go into another Seminar and hear information that hits something in my core and I perk up and become excited again! It’s a drug. Information is a drug to me. And I’m addicted.

 img_5046 img_5042  img_5040

Pet Professional Guild Summit. Day 2, November 9, 2016



Today I got Positively Reinforced (Hee Hee) that what I am teaching in my classes is what the leading Experts in the world today are promoting that we teach. Yeah! Calm is key. Calm is right. Calm is necessary. And most importantly, Calm is safe. Safe for both Humans & Canines. Today I learned a lot of neat “extras” to add into my classes that will complement my Training Philosophies and add to my end goals I am trying to achieve. Hurray! My next challenge will be that I have too much content for my classes. What a Great Problem! Stay Tuned. 2 More days left. Here are some awesome Pics of today!img_5015


img_5033 img_5031 img_5017 img_5023

Pet Professional Guild Summit Day 1 Nov 8, 2016


I want to share something that was said in the Panel Discussion that I attended today at the Pet Professional Guild in Tampa, Florida.

When you think you “know it all” in dog training, you have lost. You become stuck in concrete. And here you die.”


Whoa! That is some powerful stuff. One of the things that regardless of what field it is that Ia m referring to, whether it is my Dog Training Career or my Nursing Career, I have this thirst for knowledge. And I always seem to feel so dehydrated. Like tongue stuck to the top of my mouth dehydrated. I always want to learn. I always want to better myself. I always want to improve myself and in turn help more dogs and more humans excel in their own lives.

I listened today to some pretty amazing speakers. I listened today to myself.  To what has been screaming inside my head for 31 years. Yup. It took me this long to listen to the words. I want to help humans and dogs. That is why I excel in Nursing and why I excel in Dog Training. The need to quench my thirst to do better propels me in my Professions. Each, equally as important as the other.

And that is what I learned today.


Ps. Oh and because I just went all deep with everyone here a picture of the most well behaved puppy who managed a whole day being such a good little puppy!


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Last Day of APDT Conference


Did you know that Beta Fish have no eyelids and their stomach is no bigger than their eyeball? That means that if you want to train a beta fish to touch a target and they only eat like 5 pieces of food a day, do you know what that means? You need a lot of patience. Haha. But the same goes with Dogs. The last day of the conference always makes me sad, because I know the learning is over. But I get excited because the teaching begins! Cant wait for next week!

img_4718 img_4722 img_4724 img_4741