Day 3 of APDT Conference


I am near mentally exhausted but having a blast. Learned some amazing gems today on recall which will be incorporated into my Learning to Come & Walk Nicely class, which starts next week. My tidbit learned today from the amazing Sue Sternberg. The number one indicator your dog is about to pee to mark? A curve in their head right after they smell something for more than 2 seconds. Thats right, I listened to a whole 2 hours just on dog urination! Haha! The joys of dog training.

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APDT Conference Day 2


Thought the day. The bond between Animals & Humans are huge, so huge that sometimes they cost us our lives. Did you know in the Katrina Disaster over 250,000 dogs died? And many people lost their lives because they did not want to leave their beloved pets?

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APDT Conference Day 1


Day 1 Was Awesome. Lots of Thought Provoking Topics. Here is a thought. Are we spaying and neutering all of the good/stable temperaments dogs out there? And if so what do we do to change that?

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APDT Conference

Its that time of the year again!

We are off to the APDT Conference this year again!


Stay tuned this week for fun tips that we have learned!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

I tried to get a nice photo to send you all but instead this was the result.

I hope everyone has an amazing thanksgiving and finds something to be blessed about.

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